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Cuba for Travel

CUBA TRAVEL now offers a wide variety of specialized travel packages to choose from, right from the offices of our Cuba travel agency. Telephone: +53 7 2042114 - Mobile: +53 5 8453245

Cuba is culture, nature, history, magic and traditions. The Pearl of the Antilles is the result of the blend of multiple cultures, fusion of races and customs that gave birth to one of the most unique and fascinating Caribbean destinations. Your trips to Cuba with CUBAforTRAVEL.com will be characterized by its people. The Cubans are imaginative, joyful, unprejudiced, show their intelligence and are friends of joking and celebrating.



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Cuba may well not have a very long tradition of handicrafts, but the inflow of tourists in recent years has prompted local artisans to quickly make up for the lost time. Numerous gift shops and street markets all over the city are teeming with locally-produced handicrafts. Their most popular merchandise include woodcarvings and statues, papier-mâché masks and religious figurines, as well as simple jewelry made from shells and seeds. Also on sale are a variety of Afro-Cuban percussion instruments, such as two-headed, hourglass-shaped bata drums; paired bongos, carved African-style religious drums; and congas, the modern salsa backbone. Shékeres (gourd shakers) and claves (two wooden sticks used to play the fundamental rhythm in various Cuban genres) are also available.



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The Cuban typical dishes are the result of the mix of Spanish, Africans, aboriginal, Yucatecan and even Asian traditions. The most significant dishes are the Ajiaco, Casabe, Buñuelos, Tamales, Tostones, roasted pork and the Congrí. The typical Cuban drinks are characterized by showing common elements with the creoles meals, because they have the Hispanic, African, Arab, Yucatecan and Chinese mix. Their definitive features are associated to the tropical weather conditions and generally to the production of sugar cane.